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8 Tips to a Better Bedroom

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When it comes to designing, I feel like the bedroom gets neglected. The living room and kitchen tend to get the most focus and the bedroom usually is saved for last.

With a few quick changes, you can create a better bedroom without spending a lot of time or money.

1. ARTWORK - Artwork can change the feel of the room. It can add dimension and introduce colors into your space without painting. You can choose one large statement piece or opt for a gallery wall.


2. BED LINENS - A new comforter set can make your room feel brand new. You can even spruce up your bed with a throw blanket and some new pillows.

bed sheets

3. ADD LIFE - Place flowers or plants near your nightstand or in a place you can enjoy waking up to in the morning. We often use flowers for special occasions, why not make your bedroom feel a little special too? If you are looking for something low maintenance succulents or faux flowers can work!


4. DRESS YOUR WINDOWS - Don't over look window treatments, swapping out blinds for curtains can make a huge impact to your space.

window treatment

5. DO IT YOURSELF - Make a statement with a fabulous headboard that you have created or a simple canopy. Get inspired by 30 Extraordinary Headboard Ideas.

canopy bed

6. LIGHTING - New lighting can change the way you look at your space and how it feels. Lighting really sets the mood for any room.


7. UNIQUE ELEMENTS - Add some character to your space with unique pieces such as a fun nightstand, a vintage chest, or a fabulous wall mirror. Having trouble deciding which piece to swap out for something different? Think about a place that you see the most - this way you can enjoy it the most :)


8. FRESH PAINT - A new coat of paint may be a bit time-consuming but it can also be a budget friendly way to change the entire look of the room.

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Make Your Room Appear Larger

Have you ever closed your eyes and wished your room was bigger? Then open your eyes to the sad reality that your room is still the same size as you started...... Well, wish no more! I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I would love to share with those of you who are frustrated with your small space. Being an interior designer, I have some "magical" tricks to help you create the illusion of a larger space. The concept is to fool the eye. In a small space, everything counts so pay attention to every detail.

COLOR: I can not stress how important it is to pick the right paint color. The perfect color on your walls can make all the difference. In small spaces, keep your colors light and it will make a strong impact. I recently painted my room a blue-grey. The blue undertone is soothing and happy in the morning light. Plus, It is neutral enough to match my bedding and accessories. In addition, if I ever change my color scheme in my room, it is easy to find other accessories that won't fight with my walls. It allows me to have options - and I love options! Not to mention, my room looks a thousand times larger than the original muddy beige color.

LIGHTING:  By allowing natural light to shine through in your room, you will be amazed at how open a room can feel. It is important not to block natural light from entering if you have a small space. If you get indirect sunlight or do not have windows in your room, you have to be creative with your lighting. Some people save shopping for lighting last, but this is not an "add-on." It is a small detail that can make a big difference.

CONTRAST: Color techniques and  smart lighting ideas can make a small confined room feel more spacious. Ladies, it is like contouring your face by adding highlight and bronzer to make those cheekbones pop! Light colors are reflective making a space feel more open. Dark colors absorb light, making a room look smaller. When you paint your molding light, the wall appears further back, making your space feel bigger!

CLUTTER FREE: In small spaces, it is essential to keep a clean organized room. Too many things on your walls, can make your room feel smaller. If there is too much going on, your eye is being drawn all over the place making your room feel cluttered. Keep it simple. In a small room, create a focal point. Arrange the furniture so your eye is drawn to those areas. Keep the floor as clean as possible to maintain a sense of openess.

MIRRORS: Mirrors can make your room feel larger so strategically place them. Make them a focal point, or hang them directly across from a window to reflect more natural light. My personal favorite are floor mirrors. By leaning a large floor mirror up against your wall, you would be surprised how much larger your room feels.

LOOK UP: You always want to draw your eye up. If you have crown moldings, make sure it is lighter than your wall color to draw attention upward. You can also paint your ceiling a crisp bright white so your room feels more spacious. You can also add vertical stripes to your walls, this way your eyes follow the lines upward creating the illusion of heigher walls.

GLAM IT UP: Don't forget to add some bling! I love adding metallic accents! I added silver vases on my dresser which reflect light and I also purchased metallic placemats in which I put underneath my bedside lamp. This simple detail reflects light and adds a glamorous feel!






Hollywood Glam

What's black, white and glamorous all over? Trick question - any upholstered piece with a black and white pattern can create a Hollywood Glam feeling. Black and white colored fabrics are a staple when it comes to a woman's wardrobe. The black and white color combination is so simple and classic, yet elegant. So why not use that color combination in your home? Imagine a luxurious vanity with mirrored drawers and a mirror above which is illuminated all the way around - ah! It screams "GLAMOUR!"

Hold on, I'm ready for my close up!

Not so fast! If you want to dazzle your home with a dose of Hollywood Glamour, here are a few tips. For fabric, mix and match a few patterned pieces with some solid pieces to balance your room. For example, designate the largest piece in your room to be a solid fabric with two armchairs that are in a bold black and white pattern. For a more modern look, try using a black and white chevron. If you prefer more traditional, opt to use a damask print or a stripe. If you have a wild side, there is nothing better than animal print! Try using either zebra or cowhide print.

Now lets talk about accessories! As you would dress up your little black dress with sparkling jewelry - I would definitely add sparkling silver pieces to your room. Whether it is a table lamp with a mercury glass base or a decorative cocktail table - think of the accessories as the jewelry of your space.

Here are some inspiration images that I adore!