Hollywood Glam

What's black, white and glamorous all over? Trick question - any upholstered piece with a black and white pattern can create a Hollywood Glam feeling. Black and white colored fabrics are a staple when it comes to a woman's wardrobe. The black and white color combination is so simple and classic, yet elegant. So why not use that color combination in your home? Imagine a luxurious vanity with mirrored drawers and a mirror above which is illuminated all the way around - ah! It screams "GLAMOUR!"

Hold on, I'm ready for my close up!

Not so fast! If you want to dazzle your home with a dose of Hollywood Glamour, here are a few tips. For fabric, mix and match a few patterned pieces with some solid pieces to balance your room. For example, designate the largest piece in your room to be a solid fabric with two armchairs that are in a bold black and white pattern. For a more modern look, try using a black and white chevron. If you prefer more traditional, opt to use a damask print or a stripe. If you have a wild side, there is nothing better than animal print! Try using either zebra or cowhide print.

Now lets talk about accessories! As you would dress up your little black dress with sparkling jewelry - I would definitely add sparkling silver pieces to your room. Whether it is a table lamp with a mercury glass base or a decorative cocktail table - think of the accessories as the jewelry of your space.

Here are some inspiration images that I adore!