8 Tips to a Better Bedroom

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When it comes to designing, I feel like the bedroom gets neglected. The living room and kitchen tend to get the most focus and the bedroom usually is saved for last.

With a few quick changes, you can create a better bedroom without spending a lot of time or money.

1. ARTWORK - Artwork can change the feel of the room. It can add dimension and introduce colors into your space without painting. You can choose one large statement piece or opt for a gallery wall.


2. BED LINENS - A new comforter set can make your room feel brand new. You can even spruce up your bed with a throw blanket and some new pillows.

bed sheets

3. ADD LIFE - Place flowers or plants near your nightstand or in a place you can enjoy waking up to in the morning. We often use flowers for special occasions, why not make your bedroom feel a little special too? If you are looking for something low maintenance succulents or faux flowers can work!


4. DRESS YOUR WINDOWS - Don't over look window treatments, swapping out blinds for curtains can make a huge impact to your space.

window treatment

5. DO IT YOURSELF - Make a statement with a fabulous headboard that you have created or a simple canopy. Get inspired by 30 Extraordinary Headboard Ideas.

canopy bed

6. LIGHTING - New lighting can change the way you look at your space and how it feels. Lighting really sets the mood for any room.


7. UNIQUE ELEMENTS - Add some character to your space with unique pieces such as a fun nightstand, a vintage chest, or a fabulous wall mirror. Having trouble deciding which piece to swap out for something different? Think about a place that you see the most - this way you can enjoy it the most :)


8. FRESH PAINT - A new coat of paint may be a bit time-consuming but it can also be a budget friendly way to change the entire look of the room.

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