50 Shades of Gray

Gray is timeless. Whether you lean towards cool or warm tones, it is a perfect neutral to balance a room. Gray could be sophisticated and formal, masculine and sexy, or cool and serene. Gray is so versatile. Since the new release of the movie "50 Shades of Grey", I thought it was only necessary to share 50 Shades of Gray paint colors. So here is my list of fifty various shades of gray; cool, warm, dark, light, greige - you got it.

50 Shades of Gray Paint

  1. Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore
  2. Serious Gray by Sherwin Williams serious gray
  3. Windham by Pratt & Lambert
  4. Cumulous Cloud by Benjamin Moore
  5. Deep Space by Benjamin Moore
  6. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams agreeable gray
  7. Plummet by Farrow and Ball
  8. Pavillion Gray by Farrow and Ball
  9. Timeless Gray by Pratt and Lambert
  10. Lamp Room Gray by Farrow and Ball lamp room gray
  11. Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore
  12. Dependable by Pratt and Lambert
  13. Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore
  14. Zircon by Sherwin Williams [houzz=http://www.houzz.com/photos/123499/LaVista-Park-Renovation-and-Interiors-traditional-living-room-atlanta]
  15. Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
  16. Ever Classic by Pratt and Lambert
  17. Silver Plate by Sherwin Williamssilverplate
  18. Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore
  19. Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore
  20. Gig's Gray by Pratt and Lambert
  21. Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore
  22. Grayish by Sherwin Williams
  23. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
  24. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  25. Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams gauntlet gray
  26. Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore
  27. Reflection by Sherwin Williams
  28. Stoningtone Gray by Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
  29. Bear Creek by Benjamin Moore
  30. Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams
  31. Shale by Benjamin Moore [houzz=http://www.houzz.com/photos/333087/Parkwood-Road-Residence-Living-Room-transitional-living-room-minneapolis]
  32. Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball
  33. Gray tint by Benjamin Moore
  34. Mirage Gray by Pratt and Lambert mirage gray
  35. Magnetic Gray by Sherwin Williams
  36. Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball
  37. Comforth White by Farrow and Ball
  38. Blackened by Farrow and Ball
  39. Artic Seal by Benjamin Moore
  40. Fashionable Gray by Sherwin Williams
  41. Stone Harbor by Benjamin Moore stone harbor
  42. Pussy Willow by Sherwin Williams
  43. Dovefeather by Pratt and Lambert
  44. Front Porch by Sherwin Williams
  45. Popular Gray by Sherwin Williams
  46. Whitecap Gray by Pratt and Lambert
  47. Zephyr Hills by Pratt and Lambert zephyr hills
  48. Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore
  49. Manorhouse Gray by Farrow and Ball
  50. Skylight by Farrow and Ball

Pin this post so you can save this handy-dandy paint list for the future :) Which shades of gray are your favorite? Please share your favorite paint colors below. I would love to know! And have you seen the movie already? I didn't yet but share your thoughts!

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10 Decor Tips to Create a Warm & Inviting Home

The snow storm of the century is headed my way, a whopping 36" - Yikes!! While snowed-in, I couldn't help but cozy up on the couch and write about ways to create a warm and Inviting home (even if you're not snowed in). With a little accessorizing, you can create an inviting space for you and your guests.

Here are 10 Home Decor ideas that you can  use to make your space feel warm and cozy:

1. Lighting - Create a romantic setting with dim lighting. Use combinations of table lamps and glow from candle lights. Not only will this make your guests feel welcomed but everyone knows that warm mood-lighting always makes people look flawless.


(Photo Cred: agirlandagluegun.com)

2. Tactile Fabrics - I'm a huge lover of tactile fabrics such as slubby linens, chunky wool knits, and delicate cashmere. Try layering different materials like a Velvet upholstery and a Monogolian fur pillow.


(Photo Cred: Apartment Therapy)

3. Display Throws & Blankets - There is something about seeing blankets displayed that instantly make a home feel more snuggle-worthy. Display your throws in a wicker basket that is in arms reach of seating.

4. Warm Colors - Incoporate warm colors into your space to create a sense of warmth.

5. Layering Materials -  Layering different fabrics and materials creates visual interest and a more inviting home. Layering window treatments is my favorite example of how to layer materials. Use a grass shade as your under-treatment and soft sheer curtains on top. I love to mix soft and natural elements. For flooring, layer a soft cowhide rug ontop of a plush-cut pile rug or a sisal to introduce color, pattern, and another texture.


(Photo Cred: nousdecor.com)

6. Bring the Outside In - Inviting nature inside is a great way to make your house feel more inviting. Add natural elements by grouping a few branches together in a decorative vase. You can even create a low-maintenance terrarium. Check out my Mason Jar Terrariums I made for my office.


(Photo Cred: hgtv.com)

7. Intimate Corners - Don't leave dead corners in your home instead, create inviting vignettes. Spruce up an empty corner with a small-scale chair, ottoman, and floor lamp. Don't have enough room for seating? Add a pedestal table with a table lamp and chair; a small setting for writing or blogging ;)


(Photo Cred: homebrunch.com)

8. Mix 'n Match Materials - Following the them of texture, I also like to mix and match other materials. For a more organic feeling, bring pieces of reclaimed wood into your home. Wood has so much texture and depth to it, which in hand adds lots of warmth to any space. A great way to add reclaimed wood to your space can be with, wood serving trays or free-form wooden bowls (as pictured in example 6).

9. Be Eclectic - Go for a more collected look. Add vintage touches, trinkets, or items that have a more worn-in look. it gives a more personalized look to your home and shows your unique personality and interests.

10. Unique Artwork & Photography - Whether you paint your own artwork or have black and white family photos, dress up blank walls by adding art or photography to your space which also adds character to your space too!


(Photo Cred: arcadiahome.com)

I hope you have enjoyed my decorating tips and can use them to snuggle up in style this winter!

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