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Experiment with Color: Fall 2015 Trends

Refresh your home's color palette with warm, earthy, or saturated tones to warm up your interior during the cooler months ahead. Today I will be sharing a combination of color pairings and how to incorporate these shades into your home. I am going to break this post into personal color preferences: Neutral, Playful, and Bold .. Scroll down to the color palette that you gravitate to.

For the Neutral Lover

If you love neutral colors, try incorporated shades of "Cognac" into your home. Warm whisky browns that have a reddish tint pair well with other neutral shades. The warm autumn shade can be incorporated with wood furniture finishes and/or fabrics like the warm whiskey brown chairs featured in this eclectic living space.

Cognac Chairs

(Image via House Beautiful)

Taupe and mink brown are a great choice to use as neutral to balance any color palette. I prefer taupe over gray because it is earthy and creates a warm inviting environment when used on walls. (Love taupe so much that it is my current Fall nail color right now)

If you are searching for a muted color, try using mauve in your home. Mauve is a toned down purple that compliments well with warm browns, deep plums, and crisp whites.

Blush pinks and soft rose shades are colors that can be worked into your home. They marry well with rich blues or beiges and creams. For paint colors, select a white with a tint of flesh tone pink for a touch of warmth to a crisp white.

For a deeper neutral color and an alternative to dark brown, try experimenting with the color "Marsala". Marsala is a rich brown-red hue and also the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year. Definitely one of my favorite shades. I love how the marsala sectional grounds the space in the photo below. Read more about this color in detail.

marsala sofa

(Image via Belgian Pearls)

For the Playful and Cheery

If you like bright cheery tones, use Pantone's "misted yellow" which is a muted yellow with a green tint. It is the fall version of a cheery yellow. If you are looking for a yellow without the green tint, I like using mustard as an accent color in accessories or fabrics. Mustard marries well with rich brown, vibrant teal, charcoal gray, and even black.

Misted Yellow Bathroom

(Image via

Another cheery pop of color to try is Pantone's Amethyst Orchid. A vibrant jewel tone that is strong enough to be a statement color or can be used sparingly with accessories or flowers. Amethyst Orchid can add a lot of energy to a space when paired with red or another vibrant hue but when combined with gray it adds a soft playful pop of color.

Cypress green is a color that I am seeing more lately. I've seen it on walls, furniture, and even kitchen cabinets. Cypress is a soft soothing green but when mixed with a neutral color palette it can add a crisp pop of color. As the leaves begin to fade, shades of green can evoke a feeling of nature when added into your home. Cypress green and forest green are two shades to experiment with this winter.

For the Bold and Daring

If you are feeling daring and want to explore using saturated hues, here are a few:

Aurora red: A cross between orange and red. Reminiscent in the fall leaves. This shade is perfect for Autumn shade. Whether you use this shade in small ways or big ways, this color is bound to make a statement due to the density in color.

Pumpkin: If you aren't ready for the commitment of red, try using shades of pumpkin or a paprika spice. Burnt oranges add warmth to charcoal grays and compliment taupe or chocolate browns. In the photo below, the pumpkin hue adds warmth and color to this cozy bedroom but isn't overpowering.


(Image via


Not quite blue, not quite green: Teal is a beautiful gem tone that is vibrant and mixes well with warm shades like whiskey brown. I love how the mid-century modern chair pops against the rich teal walls.

peacock blue walls

(Image via

Rich violet, Sangria-like shades are rich shades that can create intimate settings when used on walls. I love seeing deep violet or cabernet-like shades in dining rooms. I feel like it creates a warm dinner setting. Whether used in a big way on walls or in smalls doses, this shade is sure to warm up any space.

So which shade will you be experimenting with this fall? Will you be going for a cheery, bold, or neutral look? Comment below :)


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50 Shades of Gray

Gray is timeless. Whether you lean towards cool or warm tones, it is a perfect neutral to balance a room. Gray could be sophisticated and formal, masculine and sexy, or cool and serene. Gray is so versatile. Since the new release of the movie "50 Shades of Grey", I thought it was only necessary to share 50 Shades of Gray paint colors. So here is my list of fifty various shades of gray; cool, warm, dark, light, greige - you got it.

50 Shades of Gray Paint

  1. Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore
  2. Serious Gray by Sherwin Williams serious gray
  3. Windham by Pratt & Lambert
  4. Cumulous Cloud by Benjamin Moore
  5. Deep Space by Benjamin Moore
  6. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams agreeable gray
  7. Plummet by Farrow and Ball
  8. Pavillion Gray by Farrow and Ball
  9. Timeless Gray by Pratt and Lambert
  10. Lamp Room Gray by Farrow and Ball lamp room gray
  11. Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore
  12. Dependable by Pratt and Lambert
  13. Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore
  14. Zircon by Sherwin Williams [houzz=]
  15. Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
  16. Ever Classic by Pratt and Lambert
  17. Silver Plate by Sherwin Williamssilverplate
  18. Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore
  19. Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore
  20. Gig's Gray by Pratt and Lambert
  21. Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore
  22. Grayish by Sherwin Williams
  23. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
  24. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  25. Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams gauntlet gray
  26. Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore
  27. Reflection by Sherwin Williams
  28. Stoningtone Gray by Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
  29. Bear Creek by Benjamin Moore
  30. Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams
  31. Shale by Benjamin Moore [houzz=]
  32. Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball
  33. Gray tint by Benjamin Moore
  34. Mirage Gray by Pratt and Lambert mirage gray
  35. Magnetic Gray by Sherwin Williams
  36. Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball
  37. Comforth White by Farrow and Ball
  38. Blackened by Farrow and Ball
  39. Artic Seal by Benjamin Moore
  40. Fashionable Gray by Sherwin Williams
  41. Stone Harbor by Benjamin Moore stone harbor
  42. Pussy Willow by Sherwin Williams
  43. Dovefeather by Pratt and Lambert
  44. Front Porch by Sherwin Williams
  45. Popular Gray by Sherwin Williams
  46. Whitecap Gray by Pratt and Lambert
  47. Zephyr Hills by Pratt and Lambert zephyr hills
  48. Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore
  49. Manorhouse Gray by Farrow and Ball
  50. Skylight by Farrow and Ball

Pin this post so you can save this handy-dandy paint list for the future :) Which shades of gray are your favorite? Please share your favorite paint colors below. I would love to know! And have you seen the movie already? I didn't yet but share your thoughts!

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