How to Define your Design Style

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You just moved in or are looking for a new home, you started shopping around online, you made Pinterest & Houzz inspiration boards, you bookmarked all your favorite items, you watched reruns of HGTV shows, you took notes from a YouTube video on how to DIY everything, and you have been stock piling coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond like nobody's business. You did the research and you gathered inspiration but ....

...Where on earth do you start??

Houzz and Pinterest are amazing tools for gathering inspiration for the home but sometimes it creates "inspiration overload" which leads to all sorts of confusion. You may feel like your design style is all over the place and designing on your own is overwhelming.

Take a deep breath my friend because I am here to calm your worries and gather your thoughts. 

When it comes to determining your "design style" for your new home, let one piece be the focus and let everything else coordinate around that piece.

For example, if you fell in love with a piece of artwork, use that as a jumping off point. Let the art speak for itself and let that determine the design style and color palette for the rest of the space. Use the colors from the artwork influence the room's color scheme like the picture below.

Statement art
Statement art

(Image via The Design Files)

If you want the art to be the main priority, keep walls and upholstered furniture neutral. If you enjoy color, bring out color from the artwork in accent pieces and accessories. For a bolder look, use all the colors from the art inspire the entire room including walls, furniture, and accessories. By using more colors, the artwork loses its focus because your eyes are drawn to other pieces in the room. Whichever direction you choose, is completely up to you. It's always best to start with less, you could always add more; it's a layering process.

Other examples of important pieces that you could use as a jumping off point could be: area rugs, drapery fabrics, bedding, or stylish upholstered furniture that has inspired you.

Statement Art 2
Statement Art 2

(Image via My Domaine)

Find a fabric or pattern that you are drawn to and use that as a foundation for your room.

When designing a room, I typically start with fabrics and materials that inspire me. The rest of the room follows. However, if I absolutely love a piece of art; I give the art the importance and let the rest of the room stem from that piece.

I hope my design advice has helped you in some way and hopefully has you feeling less overwhelmed. If you have any other questions, please send me an e-mail to and I will do my best to answer any questions/concerns you may have.