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My New Work Space & Tutorial!

I recently created an extra work space for myself specifically for crafting. I used to work on the dining room table with newspapers protecting the table which probably was not the best environment for me. My new work space is still in the works but I wanted to share with you what I have made so far and my ideas for the space. Since my new work space is located in the basement, it lacks creative inspiration and windows. To create a sense of natural light, I switched out the lightbulbs to the "natural light" bulbs. This provides better lighting for when I am trying to match colors with fabrics plus it makes the space feel as if I had windows open.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.44.47 PMTo create inspiration, I made a very large pin board to hang motivational quotes, places I want to visit, and design trends that I am loving right now. The BEST part about making my pin board is that I used leftover items around my office and it was SUPER EASY.

Here's how I did it:

MATERIALS: Foam board, fabric, ribbon, a hot glue gun, razor blade, scissor, ruler, and a hot glue gun.

STEP 1: Draw Stencil

Prepare to begin cutting your foam board. First, using a ruler and a pencil, trace the size and shape you would like to create. For my project, I created a 30" x 30" square.

STEP 2: Cut Board

After you have stenciled on the foam board the size you want, it is time to cut your foam board. I used a ruler as  a guide and ran my razor blade along the ruler to create a perfect edge. You may need to go over it a few times to cut through all the layers of the foam board. PLEASE be very careful and take your time. I have cut myself before and it is NOT fun. If you can't do it, please find someone to assist you.

STEP 3: Apply Fabric

Apply your fabric (worry about trimming later). For my project, I actually used leftover wallpaper but feel free to use whatever material that you wish. If you are creating a small pin board, you could even use scrapbook paper. To apply the material, I evenly lined up my wallpaper to the edge of the board and applied hot glue along the outside edges.

STEP 4: Trim Fabric

After your material is applied and secure, I flipped over my board and used a razor blade to trim the excess material. If you aren't comfortable with the razor blade, you may use scissors. I particularly like using the razor because it is more precise.

STEP 5: Add Ribbon

YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!!! I added a ribbon along the edge of my board to create a more finished look. If you want to take it a step further, you can create a lattice pattern with the ribbon in which you can use to secure pictures and notes.

STEP 6: Apply Command Adhesive Strips

In order to hang my pin board and without adding holes to my wall. I added Command Adhesive Strips to the back of my pin board. Peel the paper off the back of the strips and TAAA-DAAA you are ready to apply to the wall.

to do clips

I also made these helpful reminder clips using clothes pins that I purchased from the dollar store. I painted the clothes pins to match my board and then added word art.

I hope you enjoy creating your own inspiration pin boards! Please share your designs on Instagram and tag me @ama.designs in your post. I would LOVE to see how your pin board came out! :)

Hope your day is as AMAZING as you are!!

Much love,

AMA Designs