Make the Most of Your Small Space!

Whether you are moving into a dorm, downsizing, or have a small room that is causing you difficulty - it is all about making the most of your space. Play with height, utilize the storage underneath furniture, add shelves, and storage bins. Don't forget to use the space behind your door for more storage! I have a small bedroom myself so I understand the struggle of feeling confined. I wanted to share my design tips for maximizing your storage in small spaces.

1. Bed Risers - if you think about it, a king size bed takes up 42 square feet of space. So why wouldn't you use that space wisely? I purchased bed risers from Target which raised my bed 6" more. The additional height helped me tremendously because I was able to fit large storage containers under my bed with my winter clothes and shoes. You can also add bins that roll or find organizers that are specifically made for under the bed. 2. Maximize your Closet - Before purchasing large pieces of furniture, make sure you get the most out of your closet space. Try adding shelves or drawers to your closet for more storage. Closet organizers also make a difference and are available at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and The Container Store.


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3. Frame your Bed - Make your bed a statement by framing it with bookcases or cubbies. I personally like to mix and match open and closed storage together. This way pretty items are on display and the rest is hidden.

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4. Doors - I am a woman with a lot of shoes - aren't we all? Since my bedroom is very small, I have to get creative with storage. I added the behind-door shoe organize that hangs behind my closet door to store a good amount of shoes. It's not the prettiest but its functional. Plus, it is behind doors so it is not visible when my closet is door is shut. I love the fact that is an easy display of what shoes I have readily available. 5. Multi-Functional - I love pieces that have multiple uses! I added a storage bench at the end of my bed for extra seating and for maximum storage!

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6. Hook It Up - Hooks make my life so much easier. I have them hidden everwhere. I like to use the adhesive hooks that don't ruin your walls. I have hook on the front of my closet door so I can hang my outfit up at night so it's ready to slap on when I wake up. I also have hooks behind my bathroom door to hold my robe and towel when I come out of the shower.

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7. Analyze What You Have - Before I switch my closet over for winter or summer, I always go through what I have. If I haven't worn it at all that season, I will donate or sell my clothes. It feels great to get a good cleaning in before the season starts. Plus, it helps your closets from busting!

Being organized in a small space is very important. You don't want your things to consume your space. Next time you are ready to take on the challenge of redoing your room, remember my tips! What tip would benefit your space the most? Please share! I would love to hear from you.