Keepin' it Real with AMA - How it All Started...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's blog post is inspired by Alex Beadon, the Marketing Queen who encouraged me to participate in the "Feel Good Blogging Challenge". I'm up for the challenge, so let's do this!! ABOUT ME

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amanda and I am SO GLAD you are here!  I am from New Jersey, that's right - born and raised. Although, I would love to explore other states and countries :) I have always been a creative person and extremely organized.

I have always had a passion for the design industry growing up. I was born into the business. My family owned a construction business at the time. I remember sitting on the backhoe with my dad thinking it was coolest thing I have ever seen!! My childhood consisted of visiting job sites, drawing on the drafting boards, and playing in trailers while my Grandpa was reading blueprints.

My playdates consisted of me organizing my friends playroom closets, moving furniture, and redesigning the Barbie house. At 6 years old, I had parents calling my mother asking me to come over to help them design the layout of their space.

Today, I continue my passion as an Interior Designer. In my free time, I continue to spend drawing and creating. I love DIY projects!! I always say, "If you don't like it, spray paint it". I also love being outside especially during the Fall season and enjoy the leaves changing. Enjoying the outdoors is where I am most inspired. When it comes to relaxing and decompressing from the day, I love to enjoy a hot cup of tea, a good book, and of course yoga <3.


I used to work as an Interior Designer at a furniture showroom. My clients wanted to stay connected and see what projects I was working on and thus, AMA DESIGNS was born!! It has been almost 2 years since I have started.


My blog is for anyone who enjoys design and all things DIY. I want my blog to be a resource for people to visit and gain valuable tips for their home as well as being an inspiration to create something of their own. Designing a space doesn't have to have an expensive price tag to be beautiful! I want to share my design tips and advise for the homeowner who wants to create an amazing space and possibly save money along the way! :)


I am working on a few exciting projects right now that I am so proud of. I am working on a kitchen renovation and bedroom space. I am SO anxious to share this project with you because I want to show you that renovating your kitchen can be done tastefully but without putting holes in your pocket. Wait until you see the floors.......

I am also working on a teen bedroom which looks fabulous. The client wanted to keep the existing wall color and furniture. It is absolutely amazing what a new floor plan, accessories, and window treatments can do! I also created hand-painted artwork customized for the space and made a nightstand with purple lucite hardware for the client. I will be sharing this project very soon - I am just waiting for a few pieces to arrive :)


After visiting my blog - I want people to feel inspired, entertained, and most of all encouraged to be productive and/or creative in their own way! Design is my passion and I want to be able to share it with my viewers :) I believe your home should be a reflection of yourself. Create an environment that you are excited to come home to everyday! What's better than coming home from a stressful day at work and melting into your favorite chair with a glass of wine? Mmmm, I am instantly relaxed just thinking about gazing out the window in my cushy sofa.

I hope your day is as AWESOME as you are!

With love,


Bathroom Renovation for Under $300

Recently, I helped my parents renovate their powder room. The powder room wasn't in bad shape but the wallpaper was starting to peel in one tiny section. It was in an area that most guests and people who visit my home would never notice. My dad being the perfectionist that he is, had to redo the entire powder room. Fortunately, the previous owner of the home had left extra tile just in case. There was enough tile leftover to actually tile the wall half-way up. We also had left over paint from when I redesigned the basement. The only items we had to pay for was the border tile and the bullnose tile to complete the look. Matching the existing tile and staying under budget was quite the challenge. I ended up going to four places before I ended up with tile from Lowe's.

After three days, the powder room was complete! My dad is a mason so he tiled, painted, and all that jazz. I must say, he's a good little worker! :) It may have taken me three days to find the perfect tile - but overall, I am so happy with the result! The existing tile matches the border tile perfectly which also compliments our existing paint.

The best projects are the ones that challenge you! In design, there are so many different learning experiences whether it is dealing with unexpected problems or different personalities - it is all good experiences. The challenges in this project were: finding a border tile that matched existing tile and paint, find a bullnose molding tile that didn't protrude too much because a mirror would hang over it slightly, and a $300 budget.

By using what we have, I finished this project for $258.00 - that's pretty good!

Challenge Yourself: Do you have a room that needs some TLC? Instead of breaking the bank, look around your home and see what can be re-used. Do you have left-over paint? Make it work! I want to hear your stories. Share an experience with me that you have had a "make it work moment" by using what you had around the house.

Yours truly,



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