6 Ways to Dress Up Your Apartment

When renting an apartment, often times you have rules and boundaries to follow but don't feel limited! There are many different ways to let your personality shine through in your space.

1) Accessorize - Add flat to any space. Express personality though trinkets, pillows, sculptures, souvenirs, and collections.


2) Art - lean art on a shelf of use command adhesive hooks to prevent putting holes in the wall

23bc5de11fe52d2278db067a5f0c0c4e3) Dress your Windows - Bring in texture and pattern with window treatments


4) Work with What you Got! - Renting fully furnished apartments means that you can't bring in your own furniture. If you don't like a fabric, try a slip cover.

5) Embrace Area rugs - Outdated wall to wall carpet or old tiled floors can be perked up with area rugs. Area rugs also add depth and interest to various sections of your rented space.

6) Say Goodbye to White Walls - If you have white walls, ask the property owner if you can paint. Most cases, they will let you paint but will ask you to paint it back. If that is too much work, paint an accent wall.