The Fool-Proof Guide to Hang Wall Decor

The fear of putting a hole in the wall and the pressure of getting it right the first (possibly second or third) time around really made me sweat. Forget the items that have two hooks behind them. I would jerry-rig a wire behind the picture so I could avoid putting two holes in the wall. Trying to feel behind a painting for two nails on a wall is extremely nerve racking! My pictures were always too high, too low, but never just right. I was the Goldy Locks of hanging wall decor. Finally, I looked to Pinterest to solve all my pain and suffering.

Once again, Pinterest saved the day. It's a miracle!

Just in time to hang my very heavy glamorous mirror too! Thank goodness because I was hyperventilating in Home Goods trying to figure out how to hang a mirror with two hooks.

So let's get down to business. How on Earth did I hang my mirror with no assistance and no cursing? Here are the step by steps:

1. Grab Blue Painter's tape

2. Apply Painter's Tape to back of frame from the left edge to right edge

3. Mark Holes exactly where the nail(s) should rest with a pencil

4. Apply another piece of tape from the center of your tape line to the top of the frame to form an Upside down T. You are forming a guideline so you are aware where the top of the frame is. If you need to know where the edge of the base is, continue the tape vertically until you reach the edge of the base (it will look like a cross).

5. Remove your strips of tape carefully. Make sure it doesn't pull part.

6. Apply your tape strips to the wall. Use as a guideline so you can see the width of the frame and where the top and bottom will lay.

7. After it is just right - Hammer in nails where you marked the holes in pencil on your tape.

8. Hang your picture!


Congrats! Super easy right? I saw many variations on Pinterest. I modified different techniques to work best for me. Other versions traced the frame on paper to see the actual size. This is a great technique if you are creating a gallery wall. I eliminated the tracing to avoid an extra step. My tape technique worked to hang an individual mirror but please feel free to modify my steps to work for you! :)

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