Why Glass Tile Should be One of Your Top Choices

From kitchen back splashes to shower walls, glass tile is a top contender. It is available in every color under the sun plus it comes in various shapes from intricate mosaics to classic subway tiles. The various selection and colors make glass tile an easy choice when it comes to finding your style. Glass tile is even sold in sheets for easy installation if you are going to DIY. Some sheets of tile even feature glass mixed with stone or metal for a more custom look.

Environment conscious? No problem! Most glass tiles are made from recycled glass.

I love the touch of glamour glass tile adds to a back splash. I am currently using reverse-painted glass in a wavy texture for a kitchen backsplash. When the under cabinet lighting is installed it will add the perfect amount of shimmer! For a spa-like look, consider covering an entire wall or even the bathroom with glass tiles.

HELPFUL TIP: Clean glass tiles with 50-50 mix of water and vinegar and wipe clean with a cloth to prevent scratching.
HELPFUL TIP #2: When installing a mixture of tiles such as glass and stone, choose a tile that is the same thickness.
Here are some of my faves <3 It was so hard to choose!
LEFT COLUMN TOP TO BOTTOM: Tile Bar Allure, Tile Bar Highland Kensington Mosaic, Hirsch Glass Vogue, Hirsch Glass Signature
RIGHT COLUMN TOP TO BOTTOM: Mosaic Tile Direct Basketweave, Artistic Tile Flapper Floral, Hirsch Glass Silouhette, Artistic Glass Foliage

Bathroom Renovation for Under $300

Recently, I helped my parents renovate their powder room. The powder room wasn't in bad shape but the wallpaper was starting to peel in one tiny section. It was in an area that most guests and people who visit my home would never notice. My dad being the perfectionist that he is, had to redo the entire powder room. Fortunately, the previous owner of the home had left extra tile just in case. There was enough tile leftover to actually tile the wall half-way up. We also had left over paint from when I redesigned the basement. The only items we had to pay for was the border tile and the bullnose tile to complete the look. Matching the existing tile and staying under budget was quite the challenge. I ended up going to four places before I ended up with tile from Lowe's.

After three days, the powder room was complete! My dad is a mason so he tiled, painted, and all that jazz. I must say, he's a good little worker! :) It may have taken me three days to find the perfect tile - but overall, I am so happy with the result! The existing tile matches the border tile perfectly which also compliments our existing paint.

The best projects are the ones that challenge you! In design, there are so many different learning experiences whether it is dealing with unexpected problems or different personalities - it is all good experiences. The challenges in this project were: finding a border tile that matched existing tile and paint, find a bullnose molding tile that didn't protrude too much because a mirror would hang over it slightly, and a $300 budget.

By using what we have, I finished this project for $258.00 - that's pretty good!

Challenge Yourself: Do you have a room that needs some TLC? Instead of breaking the bank, look around your home and see what can be re-used. Do you have left-over paint? Make it work! I want to hear your stories. Share an experience with me that you have had a "make it work moment" by using what you had around the house.

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