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How to Create a Beautiful and Functional Closet

Since I am in the "Spring Cleaning" spirit, it is only necessary that I discuss closet organization. I wanted to dedicate an entire post to making your closet both beautiful and functional. Let's start by discussing function.

Our closet is never big enough to house all our shoes and clothes. Ladies, the struggle is real! I can't begin to break down the thought process that goes behind my organizing because it involves lots of doodling and pondering in front of my closet... BUT I can give you the major points to create a functional closet.

After much doodling and pondering.. I remove everything from my closet. Designate an area of your floor or bed to create piles of clothing.

The next step is sort clothing into piles. Sort clothing by type; tee's, tanks, sweaters, etc. If you don't have enough room to store everything in your closet, I divide my wardrobe by season and store away the clothes that I won't be using that current season. As time consuming as it is, it's actually easier for me to switch out my closet twice a year instead of trying to shove all my clothes on one tiny space (not functional at all).

After you have organized your clothing by type, it's time to put everything back (woo). Depending on the layout of your closet, double hung rods offer optimal storage. Shelves are great for folding delicate sweaters so they don't lose their shape. Cubbies are good for storing accessories such as purses, scarves, hats, etc. I like to keep my belts rolled up in a basket on a shelf. These are a just a few ideas that have worked for me. If you have a specific question, please comment below!

Now that you have figured out the layout of your closet, it's time to make it beautiful with 10 tips!

1. New Hangers - My number #1 peeve in a closet is mismatched hangers (ah!!). Update your wardrobe and hang your clothing on the right hanger for each item. I use black felt hangers for majority of my wardrobe. However for delicate shirts, a thicker hanger is better so it does not leave a crease on the shoulder.

2. Storage Baskets - If you would like to add color in your closet, add canvas or wicker baskets to store all your accessories on a shelf inside your closet.

3. Accent Seating - Add a stylish accent chair or ottoman for a place to sit and put shoes on.

accent seating

4. Lighting - Every luxurious closet needs a great ceiling light. If you don't have a walk-in closet, opt for better lighting inside your closet so it is easier to find items of clothing.

5. Metallic Accents - Metallic or mirrored furniture bounce light around the room to make your space feel larger and a touch of glamour.

6. Glam Hardware - Replace drawer pulls and knobs with decorative hardware. My favorite is the lucite or crystal knobs.

7. Acrylic Storage - Clear storage containers work wonders in closets for shoes and accessories. It is easy to see what is inside the boxes and protects items from getting dusty or tarnishing.

8. Hooks - Hooks can be used universally anywhere. Place hooks behind doors and on walls for additional storage. I even add hooks on my wall to hang necklaces.

jewelry organization

9. Replace Closet Doors - Do you have sliding closet doors? Consider replacing sliding doors with curtains for a soft and luxurious look. It is also easier to see what is in your closet at first glance when curtains are open.

10. Textured Rugs - Layer texture on your floor with faux fur or shaggy area rugs. I love stepping on a fuzzy carpet as I pick out my clothes in the morning. It's the little things that I enjoy! :)

I hope that my tips on closet function and style has inspired you to redo your own closet! For more closet inspiration, check out my Pinterest board, "Closet Chic."

Leave a comment and share what bothers you most about your closet? Do you have a specific problem that you need help with? Comment below, I would love to help you!

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