The Power of Great Design

“Making Life Beautiful, One Room at a Time” was the motto that started it all. It was the motto that I used when I first started blogging.  Here we are, five years later, and the motto still exists. What I thought used to be a "silly catch phase”, now has evolved into a belief system that I live by today.

When I first started designing, I was creating interiors that met the client’s home goals, desires, and style needs. That is simply the surface layer of interior design and the basic requirements. The effects of a well designed room, go far beyond the aesthetics and break through the surface layer.

After working at a high-end furniture store as an Interior Designer, I soon discovered during my “final reveals,” the impact design has on the client. Aside from achieving the major wow-factor and receiving thank you hugs at the end of the project (so rewarding), the positive impact trickles into other areas of the client’s life. It was then, that I discovered that designing was simply more than coordinating a few pretty fabrics, sourcing furniture, and arranging furniture. There was a whole new level of design that I became exposed to, and it really captured my attention.

I always say there is a certain magic about your home when it is designed well. There’s a feeling that your home evokes and it’s indescribable. Great designs, aside from being easy on the eyes, have the power to improve your life too. Now, you might be saying, “Amanda, that sounds a little dramatic. How is a beautiful room improving my life?” Hold on lady, I am about to tell you!

Of course, having a pretty home that you are excited to come back to at the end of the day will make a difference in your overall mood, but it also changes how you use the room and the experiences you have in it. Suddenly, you start entertaining more often. You start spending more time in your new room. Your dreaded living room is now the hot spot for hosting family game night or having Girl’s night. Which leads to more love, laughter, and happiness in your life. And at the core level of our desires, isn’t that what we all want more of?

As a designer, its only natural for me to want to improve the things around me and leave things better than when I found them. This philosophy of “making life beautiful one room at a time” naturally developed into making life beautiful, too. It’s the same desire and the constant thread that weaves through my entire life today. I strive not only to create dream interiors, but to design a dream life along the way.


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