Introducing Color to Your Home

For some people color is intimidating. I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and encourage the use of color in your home. It adds excitement and life to your space! As soon as you walk in your room, you instantly feel revived and happy. If you are color shy, I will help guide you into the transition of introducing color into your space. I love subtle pops of color in neutral rooms. For example, adding soft blush tones to a creamy interior or ice blue to a grey interior. You can't go wrong with pastels. If you typically don't decorate with color, pastels are the perfect palette to start with.

If your not as timid, I would add bolder colors such as emerald, ruby, navy, plum, or indigo. These colors are bold yet deep and can transition into almost any season. With a punch of any one of these colors, automatically your room is more interesting and richer. If deep tones aren't for you, try muted colors such as a grayed out purple.

For a refreshing look, add brighter colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and purples. Bright colors will make your room feel cheerful.

Update your current dresser with fun colored hardware. It adds a subtle pop of color to your room that is not overbearing. You can also add artwork to your space. This way you are adding color and interest into your space. It's also easy to switch out if you get tired of it. I also like to stop at Home Goods and pick up some glass vases or candle holders in pretty colors. You can also play with table runners and placemats.

If you are feeling daring, repurpose an old end table and paint it your favorite color! Decorating your space with hints of color will not only brighten up your room but will add character to your room. Don't be hesitant, you can start slow by adding accessories such as pillows and throw blankets.

Here is some inspiration for incorporating color into your space! Share and comment your favorites! Don't forget to follow AMA Designs on facebook for daily design updates !!