End of the Year Reflection: How Design Impacts People

Have you ever woke up one day and felt like everything is happening as it should be? That everything you have imagined is finally starting to take shape? Yea, I am having one of those life moments and I am feeling so gracious. As the end of the year is approaching, I have reflected on this year. I have come to the realization that life right now is pretty darn awesome. I am fulfilling my passion and I get to help people with my creativity.

I always wanted a career that helped people but I never truly realized the impact that design has on others.

The result of a great design can change lives. Okay, I may not be changing the world but I get to change how people feel and that to me, is pretty incredible.
When the dynamic of a room changes, the entire energy of that spaces changes. It brings a whole new mood to the space that translates to the client. That room that once caused frustration to the client is now transformed into a space to retreat to and relax. A once dysfunctional floor plan that caused entertaining issues is now a usable space for more friends and even more memories to create.
My job is so fulfilling in so many ways. I love seeing my sketches come to life and watching a project come together full circle. Interior design is not just about the pretty things. Interior design to me is about creating a space that you are excited to come home to. It's about creating a space that recharges your spirit. It's about feeling good as you enter the door.
Life can be hard sometimes and your home should comfort you, not stress you. Which space do you like to retreat to? Is your home not generating those feelings for you? Let's talk about it. Schedule a design consultation with me by e-mailing amanda@byamadesigns.com