6 Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

If you are anything like me, you may be looking for easy holiday decorating tips because this time of year is always so hectic! As much as I would have liked to full-out decorate, I didn't have time to deck the halls. Between holiday shopping, gift exchanges, parties, worrying about what to cook/bring to the party, weddings, client meetings, packing, and traveling.. my head was spinning! Hence why, I wanted to keep the decor simple! Today, I will be sharing my 6 decorating tips to recreate my simple yet elegant look. The theme of my decor this year is: silver, gold, and mirrored accents. With a few key pieces, you can recreate the look with these 6 easy holiday decorating tips.

6 Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

  1. Decorative Trays: Why I love them? Because they are super versatile and create groupings for collections. I love these pair of brass and mirror trays from 33rd Floor Decor (great price too!). I dressed up my buffet with two drays; one for decor and the other to display drinks and champagne flutes.


2. Festive Mirrors: I love incorporating mirror into my holiday decor because when the holiday lights are twinkling, and it reflects in the mirror it creates a whimsical effect. I got this lovely starburst mirror from 33rd Floor Decor.

3. Natural Elements: A simple faux tabletop tree sits on top of my buffet this year. I like to incorporate greenery and natural elements into my designs for a pop of color and texture. I didn't have a chance to get my tree yet, but the tree clippings are good to save and display in a vase.  For a more natural look, you can sprinkle pinecones on your table or mantle (love the cinnamon scented cones).

4. Candles: This almost goes without saying, but candles are key for setting the mood. I placed candles on decorative mirrored trays to reflect the light. When the lights are dimmed, it almost feels magical.


5. Mercury Glass: Mercury glass candles holders or hurricane vases look beautiful when candles are on or off. The reflective antique mirror-esque sheen creates an elegant touch to any area of the home.

6. Garland: Garland is essential for holiday decorating. Whether you are using real garland or faux (like I did), it completes the entire look. I am loving these silverleaf berry branches that I got from Target. They are wire branches so they can bend and twist as you wish.

I hope you have enjoyed these easy holiday decorating tips. How will you decorate for the holidays? If you have used my tips, please post a photo and tag @byamadesigns .. I would love to see your creativity!

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