Dress Up Your Mantel

As we enter the cooler months, it is time to start decorating for fall. Fall is my favorite season - I love the leaves changing colors, the smell of the crisp air,  and snuggling up on the couch drinking hot chocolate. Most of all, I love enjoying my fireplace on a cold night and feeling the warmth on my face. Fire places are a fantastic feature in use or just for show. Fire places tend to be the focal point of any room whether it be your family room, an intimate seating area, or a cozy bedroom. Now is the perfect time to start accessorizing your home for the fall, especially your mantel.

There are many different techniques for dressing up your fireplace. When decorating my mantel, I like to create height, add layers/dimension, create a triangle (tall items in the middle), and create a sense of balance/symmetry. Sometimes when you clear off your mantel, you don't know where to start. I typically start with the middle and work my way outward. I always put the largest item in the center, such as a mirror, artwork, or even a family portrait. After you establish the main focus, you can also accessorize your mantel with hurricanes/candle holders, decorative plates, vases, picture frames, sculptures/figurines, clocks, florals/plants, holiday wreaths, branches, bookends etc. The possibilities are endless!

Ultimately, your mantel should not only be your focal point but be a representation of yourself (as with any room!). I love adding sentimental pieces to a focal point or spot lighting my favorite photograph. Get creative this season and don't forget to share with me how you dressed up your mantel. I would love to hear from you! :)

Here are some of my sketches of how I decorate my mantel.







Here is how I decorated my mantel this fall.