Designer Tip: How to Decorate with Limited Wall Space

Have you ever stared at an awkward wall in your home and thought, "What on earth do I put there?" In small apartments, old homes, or rooms with lots of windows -- often you are left with limited wall space.  So how do you decorate a room with little wall space? Problem solved my friends..... First things first, you must work with what you got, be creative, and have fun!

For rooms with limited wall space, try one of the following tips:

  • Gallery Wall Style 1: Display your favorite photographs in a grid or at random for visual interest
  • Gallery Wall Style 2: Add a floating shelves and lean artwork, picture frames against the wall. It is also easy to switch out pictures and add more by sliding more frames onto the shelf (less holes in the wall too!)
  • Gallery wall Style 3: Cluster mirrors together in different sizes. I love mirrors with decorative frames, mix and match! The more mirrors the better!
  • One Big Statement : If space permits, take up the entire wall with one large mirror. This will give the illusion of your space being bigger than it really is - how cool is that? You can also repeat the same idea with artwork. Add a scenic painting so it feels like another window to the outside or you can add a fun graphic mural.
  • Frame it: Add molding to your walls and frame the wall. Then add a console table, a lamp, with wall decor above to complete the look. Now your wall  is defined and stylish!
  • Dress it: Paint your wall a bold color or add wallpaper to make it stand out.
For rooms with almost NO wallspace at all OR if your room has lots of windows - try one of these tips:
  •  Show-Stopper: You may feel limited with wall options, but you are not limited when it comes to style! Choose eye-catching pieces that introduce color, pattern, and texture into your space. Be bold when it comes to choosing furniture, pillows, curtains, and even rugs. The possibilities are endless..
  • 5th Wall: Your ceiling is technically considered your fifth wall - so don't ignore it! Use decorative lighting which adds depth to your space and adds creative detail. You can also paint your ceiling with a lacquered finish so it reflects the natural light. Note: make sure to remove all imperfections (nail pops, cracks etc.) because glossy finishes tend to highlight imperfections. Another option is to wallpaper your ceiling.
  • Dress your Windows: Hang two types of window treatments. One for functional needs such as room darkening or privacy. The second for aesthetic purpose and style.

Which tip can you use in your home? Comment below! Still having trouble? Message me directly and I will be happy to help with your design dilemma.

Yours truly,