6 Ways to Decorate your Home with Things you Already Own

As I get ready to redecorate for the season, I get hit in the head with "stuff" that fell from the closet. If you find that you have collected a lot of things over the years, stick around to learn how to decorate your home with the things you already own!  Over the years, we tend to collect "stuff", some nice and some we ask ourselves "wtf did I buy this for?". However, I encourage you to head back to the archives and rummage through the items you already have, you might surprise yourself.

How to Redecorate your Home with Things you Already Own

  1. ROTATE ARTWORK: You may find artwork or photographs that have been left out of rotation for a while. Now is the time to display them and have their chance to shine. Find a blank wall in your home to hang pictures or swap out different pictures. Refresh old frames with new ones and matte pictures. I love finding new homes for my artwork and pictures.. it's like a design scavenger hunt.

Bookcase styling

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2. SPRUCE UP YOUR BOOK SHELVES: Refreshing your bookshelf display is a project within itself. When starting this project, it's best to start off with a clean slate (literally). Take everything down and put in a good dusting. Mix in trinkets, artwork, photos, decorative plates on stands, foliage, and other items that interest you in your bookcase. I like to rotate book orientation by placing books vertically or a short stack horizontally with an memento on top. It takes time to get it just right but adds so much more interest to your bookcase.

3. ACCESSORIZE YOUR COFFEE TABLE: Update your coffee table with a favorite book (maybe one that is too big for the shelf). Add unexpected pieces to your coffee table that add character and texture. If you own an ottoman instead of a coffee table, try adding a decorative tray for a hard surface to put drinks.

Living Room Home Decor

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5. DIY CENTERPIECE: Create a new and unique centerpiece. A centerpiece does not always have to be flowers, it can be something sculptural. It could be a grouping of glass hurricanes, a piece of driftwood, an ornate lantern, or even a sculpture to create a focal point on your table.

6. UPDATE USED FURNITURE: Update furniture that may seem out of date. Breath life to worn furniture by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Give an old chair a modern face-lift by adding a pop of color or a trendy seat cushion for a modest change that can be swapped out. Revive a chest of drawers with new decorative hardware. Add wallpaper to the back of a bookcase. Search around your home for items that are tired and that can be reinvented.

I hope you discover something in your home and make it feel brand "new" again.

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