Color 101

Don't underestimate those paint chips, color makes an impact visually and subconsciously. How do you want your room to "feel"? This is a question that I ask my clients. It may sound silly to some but there is some science behind this question. If you were redoing your bedroom, do you think you would able to sleep in a room that was bright red? Red, orange, and yellow create excitement. You may even find these colors in gyms or recreational centers to make you feel "energized". If your favorite color is red and you want it in your bedroom - go for it! However, add this color in moderation. Throw pops of color in pillows and accessories.

For bedrooms, the goal is to keep it serene and calm. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. I recommend tones such as pale greens and blues, maybe some cool grays.

Have you ever wanted to make your kitchen blue? We just learned that blues are relaxing colors; so what does that mean when we paint our kitchen blue? No, it doesn't mean we are going to fall asleep head first in the fridge. Blue tones will actually suppress your appetite. Which may be great way to trick your mind to not eat those late night snacks.

Picking the right color is so important. The next time you are ready to paint your home, don't rush your decision. Remember my tips and put some thought into the mood of the space.

Share your experiences with color with me. Have you ever painted a room and regretted a color choice?

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