AMA Partners Up with #Fireworkpeople !!

#fireworkpeople I am SO EXCITED to be collaborating with Ashley Beaudin, the Leader of Firework People. It is a special honor to participate in an empowering movement lead by dreamers and young entrepreneurs. I am especially grateful to be featured as one of Ashley's guest bloggers during her #Fireworkpeople Blog tour.

Outside of my design life, I aspire to inspire! Whether it be a positive post, helpful advise, or an uplifting conversation; I am spreading good vibes everywhere around me!

I want to be able to inspire others to pursue their passion and to fulfill their dreams. What type of life would you live if you weren't doing something that you absolutely LOVED?! Most of our life is spent working. Why not be passionate about what you do?

I am a firm believer of "Quality of Life". Everyone has one life but are you truly living? Let that soak in for a minute...... Stop living life day-to-day going through the motions. Sit down with yourself and think about that *one thing* that you are really passionate about. Do more of what makes you happy.  Incorporate strategies to make your passion your paycheck. Imagine getting paid to do what you love? I think that's pretty sweet :)

I believe everyone has a purpose that needs to be discovered within themselves. I am still discovering and refining what my true purpose is. I do know that having faith in yourself is half the battle. If you don't believe in YOU, who will ?! We often are our worst critique, I know I could be. It is time to let go of the fear and start breathing in love, faith, encouragement, and positivity. Give yourself a pep-talk. Tell yourself you're awesome! Give yourself a hug. Do whatever it is to give you that positive boost!

I want to be able to encourage others to go after whatever it is that makes them happy. Put yourself out there. You do not need to become an overnight success as long as you are putting one step forward at a time you will be closer than where you started. My choice is design. When I am not working, I'm creating. I surround myself day-in and day-out with my passion and share it with others. Interior design may not be your passion and that's totally fine - I hope that you find my posts motivating to go after your dream as I do with mine.

If you don't (3)

Also, If you are having a bad day or you are feeling very negative about yourself. Please read this post, click here. You will not regret it!

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