Adventures with AMA - in the sky!

Hi there! LATE POST -- Last the weekend, I surprised my boyfriend for his birthday with a helicopter tour above NYC. Thankfully, the two of us aren't afraid of heights!! We really lucked out with the weather that day; sunny and clear so we got gorgeous views of the city.

I was SO mesmorized by the never-ending views. It was truly breath taking. In fact, so breathtaking that I was silent for a good five minutes - the pilot turned around to see if I was okay. It was interesting to glance at all the skyscrapers from a new perspective. I'm so used to staring up at the buildings.

Our pilot was very informative and gave a great tour. However, I did feel sick after we landed because the ride wasn't exactly smooth - all the twists and turns really flipped my belly upside down. Ahh! Although, it was a memorable experience and I would probably go again! :)