10 Centerpiece Ideas for your Fall Table

Autumn is my favorite season so I thought I would share centerpiece ideas for your Fall table. In northern New Jersey, the fall weather gives us a break from the summer heat and it’s just cool enough to enjoy with a light weight jacket. As we enter into November, it is time to remove the spooky Halloween decorations and update your homes decor with items that feel festive for fall. Today I have curated my top ten favorite centerpiece ideas that I have found on Pinterest to spice up your Autumn table.

10 Centerpiece Ideas for your Fall Table

  1. Pumpkins - This goes without saying but what is Fall without a pumpkin? The feeling of fall simply wouldn’t be present without an orange pumpkin or two. Gather and arrange a few pumpkins in the center of your table with a burlap table runner and branches for a rustic tablescape.pumpkin-tablescape

(Image via A Glamorous Housewife)

2. Gourds - Can’t forget about gourds. The shapely and colorful veggie is the combination of color and texture to add to any Autumn table arrangement.

3. Indian Corn - Bundle together Indian corn with burlap or twine to create an easy yet classic centerpiece. Incorporate a few dried flowers and cranberry branches to complete your centerpiece.


(Image via Kristens Creations)

4. Popcorn Kernels - Fill a Hurricane Vase with loose popcorn kernels about halfway, then add an ivory pillar candle to create a neutral fall centerpiece

5. Leafy Branches - Do you have a beautiful colored tree in the backyard? Cut off a leaf-filled branch and place in a vase for the easiest fall centerpiece. If you don’t have access to the outdoors, your local craft store will have some faux branches that you could use instead.

6. Autumn Filled Crate - Create an easily moveable centerpiece by filling a crate or basket with Autumn scented candles, leaves, branches, pumpkins, and whatever else that has the essence of Fall.

crate-of-pumpkins(Image via Molly One)

7. Log Votive Holder - Turn a log into a beautiful votive candle holder. This one requires help or you can find and purchase similar on Etsy.

8. Fall Candles — Wrap candles with burlap and place a single faux leaf on the ribbon for a simple fall accent

9. Dried and Layered Veggies - Layer dried veggies in a glass hurricane vase to make a fall colored centerpiece. Fill the vase about halfway, and then add a pillar candle in a coordinating color to complete your centerpiece

10. Pumpkin Vase - Skip the carving. Spray Paint pumpkins white and hollow out the center to hold a cup of fresh flowers. This is ONE of my favorite - so sophisticated and adds a twist to the traditional pumpkin centerpiece. This can also be achieved with a plastic pumpkin (either find a white one or spray one), and then apply a foam cushion to the top so you can insert faux silk flowers in the colors of your choice.


(Image via Chatelaine)

I hope you have enjoyed these 10 simple centerpiece ideas for fall. Which one was your favorite? Which idea are you going to attempt for your autumn table?