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10 Tips to Feel Confident in your Decorating Choices

Do you struggle with pulling the trigger when it comes to making decisions? Well then, this post is for you! Today, I'll be sharing my tips on how you can start feeling confident in making big home decisions. Tell me if this sounds familiar,  you spent countless hours pinning inspiration, shopping online, and visiting stores, yet your not quite ready to pull the trigger on purchasing. Or maybe your situation is more time-sensitive. Your knee deep in decision making and your contractor is calling you to find out if you finally picked out your tile material yet.

Whether you have a contractor hounding you for an answer or if you are on your own time schedule, there is something holding you back from making a final decision.

Do you have an Eclectic Design Style? Why it's a Good thing!

I find that most of my clients are embarrassed with having an eclectic design style. I've had over 100+ people take my design quiz, and "eclectic" was the one style choice that many resented or were ashamed to admit was their quiz results. Why? Many think that having an "eclectic" design style is just a polite way of saying, "Girl, your house looks like a hot mess." But that's far from the truth! If your style is eclectic, that doesn't mean your house is a cluttered mess. Although, that may be true if you haven't yet found a seamless balance of mixing and matching styles. Having too much of anything is never a good thing, especially in design.

How to Find your Design Style

You may like a lot of different styles and don't identify with one design style. Or maybe you feel that you don’t have a design style at all. But let me assure you that you definitely have a design style. If you have a personality, you have a style. You may not uncovered it yet but through some exploration you will be able to pinpoint “your unique style.”

The Power of Great Design

“Making Life Beautiful, One Room at a Time” was the motto that started it all. It was the motto that I used when I first started blogging.  Here we are, five years later, and the motto still exists. What I thought used to be a "silly catch phase”, now has evolved into a belief system that I live by today.

When I first started designing, I was creating interiors that met the client’s home goals, desires, and style needs. That is simply the surface layer of interior design and the basic requirements. The effects of a well designed room, go far beyond the aesthetics and break through the surface layer.