What's Included in Our Home Staging Service

Hiring a designer to stage your home for sale is more than just decluttering, selecting paint colors, and rearranging furniture. In fact, there is so MUCH more included in our full-service home staging services. In today's blog post, we breakdown the details and discuss what's included in our home staging services for vacant/unoccupied listings.

So what is home staging anyway?

Home staging is the act of decorating and preparing a home for sale with furnishings and other home merchandise to appeal the potential buyer.

Whether your an Investor or Realtor who wants to make your listing to look good, we can support you to work towards the same goal; selling high and fast!

When staging unoccupied homes for sale, we take all details into consideration including the demographic, desired price point, location, architectural style, and even the target market. Based on that criteria, we design and provide all the furniture, artwork, area rugs, accessories, and artwork that are necessary. We don't just select "pretty things" to fill the room, it

Our staging services includes everything from the design to the final move-out day. Here is what is included in our home staging package:

- Initial Consultation - Design Planning - Furniture layouts and floor planning - Sourcing furniture, allocating inventory, and accessories - Coordinating delivery and installation schedules - Set-up and Oversight on installation day - Coordinating removal of merchandise - Oversight on move-out day: dismantling and removal of merchandise - All time related to executing the staging design to the final move-out

Staging Concept Board by AMA Designs

Anyone can select furniture... but to understand all the caveats that are involved for a successful design, takes a professional to accomplish. Not only do we keep the prospective client in mind, but we select furniture that fits the scale of the room so the home shines in its best light. We arrange furniture in a way that is not only functional and optimizes square footage but makes guests want to pull up a seat and stay a while.


You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Are you ready to present your listing in its best light?