The Difference Between Interior Decorating and Home Staging

As an Interior Designer, I design rooms for homeowner's and also decorate homes that are going to be listed for sale. Interior design and Home staging may both involve "decorating" but are different in many ways. In today's blog post, you'll discover the differences between our home staging and interior design services.

The Difference Between Interior Decorating and Home Staging


  • INTERIOR DESIGN: Is for homeowner's who are looking for professional design guidance and expertise to decorate their home.
  • HOME STAGING: Is for Realtors, Investors, Home Flippers, Builders, and Sellers/homeowners who want their listing/or home to look appealing to potential buyers


  • INTERIOR DESIGN: To design an environment that reflects the client’s unique personality and individual style while solving problems related to the home and it’s function
  • HOME STAGING: To decorate a home/listing in a way that is attractive to potential buyers so that the home sells fast and at the best price possible


    • Initial Discovery Call: During this call, we discuss your project and see if we are a good fit for each other
    • In-Home Consultation: We see the project in person, assess the space, and discuss your needs more in detail to prepare a contract
    • Concept Phase: After the contract has been signed for approval, we head to the studio to start designing. We collaborate with the client based on their design inspiration and needs to come up with a concept for the space. We propose 2 concepts of the overall design-direction of the space. Once the concept is selected and we are all in agreement, we start the designing!
    • Design Phase: This is where all the design happens. This includes but isn't limited to: sourcing furnishings and accessories for the proposed space, drafting floorplans, elevations, and renderings to propose the overall-design to the Client. This phase can last up to several weeks, as we collaborate together on the design and selections for the space. Once the items have been selected and approved by the client, we move on to the execution phase.
    • Execution Phase: During this phase, we handle all the necessary details required to execute the design and make it come to life. Which includes but not limited to: Estimating material and goods, preparing all the details and proper documentation to send to vendors to order merchandise, tracking orders, status reports, coordinating deliveries to our receiver who inspects merchandise, filing any damage claims if necessary, and scheduling inside home deliveries.
    • Installation Day: Once all the merchandise has been received at our receiver, we schedule a day to delivery all your items at once. We oversee the delivery and make sure that the furnishings are placed in the areas according to our floor plan. We will also add the finishing touches by adding accessories and hanging wall decor, which may be scheduling on another day depending on the project.
    • Final Walk-Through and Photography: By this point, the project is complete and we will walk through the home to make sure that the "punch list" is complete and that the Client is satisfied with the final design. We will take final photos for our portfolio and the homeowner gets to enjoy living in their new space!
      • Initial Consultation Call: Our process for home staging starts with an over the phone consultation with the seller or realtor to discuss the number of rooms to be staged, listing price, location, demographic, and estimated price for staging.
      • Design Phase: Once the contract is signed and the deposit has been received, we will set-up an onsite meeting to take measurements and photographs of the proposed areas for staging. We make a list of merchandise necessary for staging and draft floor plans for furniture placement. Based on the architectural style of the home, demographic, price point, and location; we select furnishings and accessories that suit that criteria. We will present a floor plan and a concept board to the seller or realtor if requested before installation.
      • Execution Phase: Based on our list of necessary merchandise, we will allocate all the inventory and accessories needed. This included prepping and packing merchandise prior to installation day. We also coordinate inside deliveries with our movers.
      • Installation Day:  We deliver all the merchandise and oversee the process and make sure that the furnishings are placed in the areas according to our floor plan. We will also add the finishing touches with accessories and wall decor.
      • Final Walk-Through:  By this point, the home has been staged for sale and we will walk through the home with the Realtor and/or Seller to make sure that the Client is satisfied with the final design before the home is photographed to be listed.
      • Final Move-Out: After the home has been sold, we coordinate with our movers the final move-out. We come back to dismantle and remove furnishings and accessories from the space.


  • INTERIOR DESIGN: The cost for full-service interior design service is based on the scope of work, time required, and square footage.
  • HOME STAGING: The cost for our vacant home staging service is based on the scope of the project, number of rooms required for staging, amount of furniture required, and time frame for furniture rental. Pricing is roughly estimated at .5% of the listing price plus furniture rental.


    • Initial consultation, 2 Design Concepts, Floor Plans with Furniture layouts, Elevation drawings, Selected merchandise and finishes such: as furnishings, finishes, flooring, paint, rugs accessories; coordination of installation and tradesmen, coordination of deliveries, project oversight, and all time related to managing and executing your project from concept to completion
      • Initial Consultation, design Planning/Furniture layouts, sourcing furniture, allocating inventory and accessories, providing merchandise necessary for staging, coordinating delivery and installation schedules, set-up and oversight on installation day, coordinating the move-out, Move-out day: dismantling and removal of furniture, and all time related to executing the staging design to the final move-out


  • INTERIOR DESIGN: Collaborating with the homeowner to design a home that is personalized to the Client's unique personality, design style, while meeting their needs.
  • HOME STAGING: Designing a home for sale to appeal to the potential buyer by highlighting the features of the home and creating a neutral atmosphere that helps the potential buyer envision their future in the home

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