Hello, I'm Amanda

The designer behind AMA Designs & Interiors, a design studio based in New Jersey, serving clients locally and globally through online interior design.

I help new homebuyers go from overwhelmed with decisions to feeling overjoyed with their home—while saving time, money, and peace of mind. Whether this is your starter home or your forever home, your environment should be a reflection of you and meet your needs—even if it’s temporary. The moment your home starts to function for you, not against you, life becomes effortless.

When your home reflects your story, personality, and style, your home evokes a certain energy. All of a sudden, those four walls start to feel like an extension of you and your life. Design isn’t just about pretty things. On a deeper level, great designs improve your life. I am passionate about helping others achieve a beautiful home that fulfills their needs and sharing that experience with as many people as possible.

My love for interior design started at a young age. Growing up around my family’s construction business, I was always exposed to design and architecture. I remember sitting in my grandpa’s trailer when he taught me how to read a blueprint. Seeing the sketches become reality fascinated me. Those early experiences inspired me to eventually pursue a career in interior design.

Today, I help people across the globe create intentional spaces that influence the next chapter of their life. The choices we make in our homes impact how we approach every aspect of our lives—consciously and subconsciously. Things aren’t just things; they represent something, and that is what makes a house a home. When we curate items that remind us of what we want to bring more of into our life, we set an intention and an affirmation for our future. Intentional design elevates your living space and your headspace.

Design goes deeper than picking out fabrics. I design with intention and everything I select has a purpose. Great designs have the power to change how you live life.
— Amanda M. Amato, Founder